The Nanton District Directorates of NCCE in collaboration with the EU commence phase two of Preventing and Containing Violent Extremism (PCVE) in Nanton, Northern Region, Ghana. The District Director in the post engaged with the people of Sakpali on the risks of joining extremist groups, triggers, and effects of Violent Extremism.

The NCCE District Director engages the traditional authority, interfaith groups, youth groups, and women groups at Guno on triggers, effects, and signs of Violent Extremism.

The NCCE Director of Nanton, Mr. Ibrahim Iddrisu, sensitized the people of Jagun-kukui on the triggers and effects of Violent Extremism.

The youth of Guno-Yapalsi are being sensitized by the District Director of NCCE, Ibrahim Iddrisu, on preventing and containing violent extremism in Nanton District.

The District Director of NCCE, Mr. Ibrahim Iddrisu has engaged with opinion leaders and the youth of Chahayili on awareness of Violent Extremism at worship centers, markets/workplaces, and lorry stations. The people were also sensitized on ways to prevent V.E., radicalization of the youth, and what to do during violent attacks.

You can now send a direct complaint to the Nanton District Assembly using this form. Click on the link to submit a complaint. Complaint Form