This was a two days workshop held at the Presbyterian church, Nanton which was aimed at enhancing our capacity on child protection, discuss all the issues that have been outlined in the agenda and to honor the role that each department in ISSD wil play in child protection services.

Day One of Meeting

The welcome address was said by the Nanton District Coordinating Director (DCD), Alhaji MOhammed Shaibu after which the head of Department of Social Welfare and Community Development made a presentation on what ISSD is, highlighting on its goals and roles its playing with GHS/CHPs and DSWCD.
The representative for NCCE made a presentation on “understanding children’s human rights” and had participants grouped in 4 to have a discussion on some of the challenges children face and the rights privilaged to them. The Gender Desk Officer, Mr. Yakubu Mohammed Nurudeen presented a case management for child protection.

Day Two of Meeting

Participants were grouped to discuss some cases on child protection. The participants made presentations on cases discussed in their groups. THe first group identified their case as a Criminal case, going through the child protection rights. Group two identified their case as Sexual Harassment, and criminal offence. Group three identified theirs as Sexual Harassment, and criminal offence and finally, group four identified their case as criminal case, i.e. child in conflict with the law.

A presentation was made after the groups had proposed their solutions to the discussed cases. This presentation was made by a representative from SWCD and it caused Child Protection laws and plicies.

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